Save more with a monthly subscription kit starting at $9.99! 

Receive 4 Nail Polish Wraps (full sets) with nail files + 1 small decal's sheet delivered to your door each month! 



Apply at check out:

  • WELCOME20 = 20% off on your first month of subscription (only 3 months plans and above)
  • RENEW30 - 30% OFF on your first month of subscription (only for 3 months plan)
  • RENEW50 - 50% OFF on your first month of subscription (only for 6 months plan)
  • FREEMONTH - 1 MONTH FREE! on your Annual subscription renewal!

Subscription Benefits:

  1. Cancellation anytime
  2. Upgrade or downgrade your plan as desired
  3. Skip any month (pushing the delivery/renewal date as desired)
  4. Multiple choices to select your monthly kit which include:
  • Select the special kit of the month
  • Select a customized kit (based on your preferences)
  • Select your own nail wrap designs  each month or all at once!

Other benefits:

  • Auto-enrollment to our Loyalty and Referrals program
  • You earn 5 Loyalty points upfront for each month of prepaid subscription 
  • You get a personalized coupon for referrals to help you earn more loyalty points  + 5% off on your next one time order
  • Free product or cash discounts using your loyalty points
  • 20% off first month for new subscriptions and 50% off first month on renewals (3+ month plans only)
  • Exclusive coupons and Always Free Shipping!