(Free Auto-enrollment at your first purchase) 

Starting January 2021, we are very excited to launch our Chika's Loyalty and Referral program to help you earn lifetime points and redeem for Cash discounts, Free nail polish wrap sets and/or Free subscriptions!


One time purchase:  You will earn 5 points for every $11.96 spent in your order; for example, if you made a net purchase for $36.92, divide this amount by $11.96 and multiply by 5 points, example:$36.92 / 11.96 = 3.08 * 5 points =15 points. They will be reflected in your account within 24 hrs. after completing your purchase.

Subscriptions: You will earn  5 points for every prepaid month on your subscription, for example, if you are in a month to month plan, you will earn 5 points each month, BUT if you bought a six months prepaid subscription, you will earn 30 points upfront! (6 months * 5 points each = 30 points) and they will be reflected immediately in your account for you to redeem.

If you made a combined purchase (subscription + single sets in the same order) your points are calculated separately as follows:

Example #1:  3 months subscription + 2 sets  in your order = 15 points only (Calculation : Subscription plan = 3 months *5 = 15 points + 2 sets *$2.99ea =$5.98 (no points, does not meet min threshold) = You earn 15 points 

Example #2:  3 months subscription + 5 sets  = 21 points  (Calculation :  3 subscription months *5pts each = 15 points + 4 sets *$2.99ea =$ 14.95 (14.95/11.96 = 1.25 *5 = 6 points) >>(15 + 6 = 21) You earn 21 points


The first time you make a purchase with us, you will be given a "PERSONALIZED COUPON" That you can use to earn points. Simply refer our product to other Chika's and tell them to use your personalized coupon at checkout!, They will get 5% off in their first purchase and you will earn 5 additional loyalty points to your account for each time your coupon is used!, Your referees will also auto-enroll in our program and get a personalized coupon to use!

Your coupon name is always your First Initial and Last name, for example: Lisa Smith = LSMITH

But WAIT! You can also apply it to yourself on your next order and get a 5% off PLUS your 5 additional loyalty points added to your account!

You will receive an email notification every time someone made a purchase using your personalized coupon and your 5 points will be awarded within 24 hrs. after completing their purchase.


To see your balance and rewards available, Simply log in to your account, scroll down to the bottom and you will find your total points and option to redeem

Once you click on it, it will send you to another screen where you will be able to see ALL REWARDS AVAILABLE starting at 15 points!, please note that once you choose your reward, it will be automatically applied on your next order

For Example:

If you redeem 15 points for a Free toenail set, the reward will automatically apply a credit for it on your next order at check out (as long your order includes a toenail set). 


If you redeem 50 points for $5 Off, our system will automatically apply a $5 USD cash discount on your next order as long as your order amount is higher than $5 USD


Points are always rounded to the nearest decimal (up or down)

Points are non transferable, 

Your personalized coupon can only be applied once by both, you and your referrals.

Gift recipients will not receive points, points are awarded only to the giver who made the purchase.

Points do not expire.

Once you choose a reward it cannot be cancelled or reverted back to choose another reward.

If you request to be unsubscribed and deleted from our database, our points and any pending reward to be applied are automatically forfeited.

if you want to see a detailed loyalty points statement. it must be requested to support@chikanails.com

We reserve the right to change/add or delete the rewards and benefits at any point of time, more info please read our Terms or service policy

To see your available points and rewards, please log in to your account