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Please answer 5 quick questions to be able to continue, this will help us understand how to curate your monthly kit.

1) What type of nail polish wrap sets would you like to receive each month?

We will curate your package based on your selection

2) Would you like to include 1 Holiday prints wrap set as part of your kit when applicable?

i.e. Valentines for February, Halloween's for October, etc. (As part of your total count)

3) What type of design prints would you like to receive on your kit?

Check as many as you want, we will put together a kit of nail polish wraps based on your selection that you'd love to wear!

4) Any colors to avoid?

We want to make sure we match your sets perfectly!

5) Would you like to submit your nail polish wraps selection?

If YES, Please be in the lookout for an email from us within 24 hrs. after completing your purchase with instructions and link to complete your wraps selection, if no response is received from you we will curate and mail your kit based on the preferences from this survey the following day. If this is a gift, we will send the email to the recipient to complete the nail polish wraps selection.

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